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Venoms In Medicine

Animal venoms are also demonstrating their potential in the field of pain relief, allowing for a reduction in the amount of opioids administered to a patient and even the targeting of different pain pathways in the body.

A chronic pain condition affects nearly 20% of the population, with the proportion increasing to more than double by the age of 65. Chronic pain is estimated to cost the United States approximately $600 billion (£450 billion) per year, outpacing the combined economic burden of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined, according to a recent study. Medications such as opioids are widely used in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Because of their rapid onset and high efficacy, they are frequently used for the treatment of moderate to severe acute pain in both adults and children. Opioids are also commonly used to manage the severe, chronic, and disabling pain associated with terminal illnesses such as cancer, as well as degenerative illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis. Opioids are also used to treat a variety of other conditions.

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